This is how Kislip helps you fight the consequences of alcohol consumption

ALDH is responsible for detoxification in the body

The enzyme ALDH2, which is present in large quantities in Kislip, ensures that toxins are bound and excreted in the body. This happens especially in the liver.

2x faster breakdown of alcohol

Alcohol / ethanol is also an unhealthy substance that is broken down in the liver. The ALDH dose used in Kislip works in such a way that ethanol is broken down twice as quickly as without taking Kislip.

No Hangover the next morning

Many other anti-hangover drugs advertise that they give back to our body what it loses through alcohol consumption. We don’t. Kislip ensures that you do not lose vitamins, minerals and sugar in the first place. We are tackling the problem at its root.

Bye Bye Headache

Acetaldehyde is responsible for the hangover headache. This substance is produced during alcohol breakdown in the liver. The ALDH contained in Kislip binds this substance so that the body can excrete it more quickly. Bye Bye Headache.