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Benefits of ALDH


ALDH is an enzyme that occurs throughout your body. The highest concentrations of ALDH are present in the liver, kidneys and brain. The enzyme is however also present in the digestive tract, prostate, rest of the nervous system, muscles, skin and heart.

ALDH detoxifies

The main function of ALDH is the binding and removal of (toxic) waste products in the body, especially in the liver and in cells. Scientific studies have also shown that ALDH thereby protects the body from harmful effects.

Breaks down ethanol faster

ALDH is mostly responsible for the breakdown of alcohol in the body. In particular, the waste product acetaldehyde, which causes you discomfort and headaches the next morning, is broken down more quickly with additional ALDH.

Helps with hangover

The high dose of ALDH in the Kislip food supplement ensures that the toxins in your body are broken down more quickly. This also includes ethanol degradation, which is greatly accelerated by the additional ALDH in Kislip.