Discover the effect of ALDH

ALDH in the body

ALDH is an endogenous enzyme found throughout the body and especially in the liver. It is responsible for splitting up acetaldehyde, a potentially harmful intermediate that arises during the metabolism of alcohol/ethanol. ALDH deficiency may occur in all humans with especially low levels being seen in 40-45% of the Asian population. .

Quite natural

Won from fermented rice

Not only does ALDH occur naturally in the human body, it is also obtained from nature: ALDH is obtained by fermentation of rice. Fermenting rice extracts the enzyme ALDH with the addition of biological cell cultures. We only use rice from carefully selected tropical growing areas in Southeast Asia.

How ALDH works in the body

The main function of ALDH is the binding and thus disposal of (toxic) waste materials in the body, especially in the liver and cells. In the process, the waste materials are decomposed into their harmless individual parts and excreted.

This is Shenzu

Shenzu comes from a small village in South Korea. Also thanks to fermented rice, which she regularly consumes and which we also use for our Kislip products, she became 103 years old.

Oxidative stress

Oxidative stress generally refers to the condition in which the amount of reactive oxygen species (ROS) exceeds the amount of endogenous antioxidant defense system such as S.O.D. and GSH exceeds.

“Free radicals” are produced as natural metabolites permanently in our body and basically fulfill vital tasks. However, environmental stress, nutritional deficiencies, physical or emotional stress, as well as medication and injuries, can lead to an uncontrolled production of free radicals. The self-regulation through the body is disturbed.

If the formation of free radicals exceeds a healthy concentration, it is called “oxidative stress”.

Nature has developed a self-defense against free radicals, including certain vitamins, minerals, enzymes and plant substances. The combination of several drugs into a broad-spectrum antioxidant can most effectively combat oxidative stress.